Success Is A Journey,

Not A Destination

Many people view chapters of their lives as having beginnings and endings. Whether it’s in a personal relationship or a career, few things we do in life carry on with any permanence. In fact, even our longest relationships, such as that of our roles as children or parents, come with a “laws of nature” forced expiration date. In reality, however, all our relationships springboard us into the ones that follow. By contemplating and understanding how we build those bridges, we best establish ourselves for success in living happy, more fruitful, and rewarding lives.

Principled Guidelines

We all set upon a path with an end game in mind. It’s a natural inclination of the human condition, as we become motivated by goals searching for satisfaction from achievement. All too often, however, the goal evolves into unintended consequences. The ultimate objective was to make you happy, but you find yourself miserable along the journey, undermining the whole point of the goal, to begin with. By embracing bridges, we encourage ourselves to stop and smell the roses, re-engage with purpose, and achieve a better overall quality of life.

This website will chronicle my personal journey and introspection into how bridges of all kinds can serve as teaching moments carrying us into better versions of ourselves and greater personal success.

Follow Along On My Journey

Starting on March 13, 2022 (the day that I will self-surrender to Federal Prison in Terminal Island), I will prove through tangible actions that I am worthy of the respect of my young boys, my family and friends, my community, and anyone that was negatively affected by my past decisions and actions. I will prove that one’s past does not have to be their future. The mistakes that I have made are battle scars that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, but these scars will be reference points for teaching tools and life lessons to impart along the way. I have and will forever own my decisions, flaws, and misguided actions and I will use them to layout a cautionary roadmap for the people miles behind me that can take the correct route when they come to their respective “fork in the road”.